BARKA empowers communities in Africa to thrive.

Menstrual Cups

Empowering and supporting women and girls through innovative, cost-effective and sustainable menstrual cups and menstrual health education.

Media Strengthening

Supporting courageous truth-tellers by arming them with tools and skills to expose current humanitarian crises.

20 Wells (Rotary)

Partnering with Rotary International to drill 20 wells in Fada N’Gourma, Burkina Faso, where an influx of IDPs has escalated need.


Impact On The Ground

Wells Drilled

Latrines Constructed in 5 Rural Primary Schools

People Sensitized Through Theatre Performances

Beneficiaries in Rural Villages

MHM Cabins Constructed to Support Menstrual Hygiene

Our Current Projects

Menstrual Cup Project

20 Wells (Rotary)

Media Strengthening

What Clean Water Means for a Village

Highlights from The Water Fair

A Video Love Letter to Burkina Faso

US Ambassador Sings BARKA’s Praises

BARKA Co-Founders Ina & Esu Anahata present The Mogho Naaba with a Peace Award

“I am the Mossi King representing more than half of the Burkina Faso population. My full support of The BARKA Foundation is based on the social, spiritual, economic, and moral benefit for the people of Burkina. Together we hope to change the world in some small yet significant way for the betterment of all.”

His Majesty, Emperor Mogho Naaba

Media Gallery

BARKA has a collection of thousands of incredible photos and is now putting cameras into the hands of high school students in Burkina Faso.

See the beauty, magic, and hard work that makes up the BARKA story.